Here goes

Thank you for reading. I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for a long time. Many of my adventure companions are likely tired of hearing me talk about my ideas ad nauseam. So with a lot less (verbal) talk and a lot more (written) action, here goes…

I hesitated kicking this off for a two main reasons. First, and still very true, I was scared. What if you think I’m a terrible writer? What if you think my inner thoughts are trivial and mundane? I am uncomfortable being the center of attention. While, I have no resolution to these fears,  I’m simply telling them to go hide under a rock for a bit.

Secondly, I struggled with the question, “what the heck is the point of a blog?” I like timelines, checklists, progress updates, and the satisfaction of marking something complete. And yet here, I stare into space and cannot think of the outcome. I decided it’s okay to start simply with some mini-reasons (all of which I reserve the right to change or axe at any point). I hope to:

  • share with you my adventures and misadventures
  • answer questions I receive from friends: where should I hike this weekend? should I bring my air-mattress on the hut trip?
  • answer questions I have: what do I do if I get attacked by an angry moose?
  • justify the purchase of an expensive camera
  • find a creative outlet and have some fun

(not an angry moose…but still a scary goat trying to ruin my afternoon nap)

I promise <1% of content devoted to baking. I don’t bake.

Thanks for coming along with me!


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