About me

I’m Katherine professionally, Katie to my childhood friends, and TT to those with whom I share the same last name.

cropped-img_3517.jpgI grew up in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. With the Rocky Mountains in my backyard, childhood was filled with hiking, biking, skiing, and lots of sibling arguments in the back seat of a grey Plymouth minivan. I imagine  it was the constant backseat battles that led Mamma Brownson to enroll her children in every organized sport imaginable.
I headed east for college and graduated with a BA from Yale University where I spent four years writing papers on the American West, playing Division I lacrosse, and dressing in costumes at every imaginable opportunity. I later pursued an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business. Professionally, I’ve worked at start-ups and currently spend my days at one big corporate mothership.

Monday through Friday, I reside in Capital Hill surrounded by fantastic yoga studios, coffee shops, and an essential Trader Joe’s. The weekends bring me to the mountains and on any adventure possible. I’m still in the hunt for my handsome, bearded ski partner but am holding off on getting a cat, or three, for another few years.

 A wise little soul imparted a lasting life lesson to me long before she could ride a bike. At two-years old, my niece Caroline when enveloped in a hug by anyone should loved would giggle and demand, “SQUEEZE ME TIGHTER!” I aspire to live a life squeezed as tightly as possible surrounded by those I love.