The backpackers guide to sexting


I got you reading with the title, right? Megan wins for best presentation.

I am too prude, safe, and boring to understand the more popular form of racy photo exchanges, but I can tell you that nothing gets my heart fluttering faster than the pictures swapped between my girlfriends this week.

After nearly nine months of planning, we set off on our Havasu Canyon Girls Weekend Adventure this Friday – eight girls, two nights, endless waterfalls!

Over the last 48 hours, the girls and I traded “gear shots” in anticipation. I hope you find them as tantalizing as I do!


Not my best organization, but this gear makes me so happy.


Kendra was chastised for the Birkenstocks – they were replaced with proper river shoes.


Steph is famous for once asking if she should bring a queen size air mattress on a hut trip. Steph wins most improved packer.

Anticipated Trail Talk topics: my first week back in corporate america, Megan’s pending move across the pond, men, our next backpacking adventure, attire for the big night out in Vegas upon our return, Jana’s adventures in labor and delivery, skin care tips, men…

Stay tuned for the fully monty report!

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